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Looking For An Established Exclusive BodyRub & Nuru Studio?

Looking For An Established BodyRub, Nuru Studio?

Looking For An Established Exclusive BodyRub & Nuru Studio?

 NY BodyRub,  Midtown Manhattan Sensual Massage* Exclusive NURU Studio, a Midtown West Private Sensual Bliss Hideaway* A Completely Private Sanctuary For The Human Spirit.  American MAXIM Model* Fit, Toned & Busty! CMT Quality BodyWork* Five STAR GLAMOROUS Model* Immaculately Clean, Discreet & Intimate Location* Manhattan’s Best Little Black Book Secret* A TRUE HIDDEN GEM!!

  So You Are Looking For An Established & Exclusive BodyRub, Erotic Massage & Nuru Studio…

How do you chose with so many new places opening, so many places promising quality services and telling you everything & anything that you want to hear.  It’s difficult but Thank goodness you have the luxury of such a vast variety to choose from!! We believe that there is a right fit for everyone out there. There’s someone for everyone.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of using your common sense & intelligence as a consumer. If something  doesn’t feel right it’s probably because it’s not right. If everything matches up and you follow your gut… that tends to take you in the right direction so you don’t have to ‘take one for the team’.
DeLaLuna NYC will be having it’s 3 yr Anniversary this Fall. We are Established!! We are so Happy & Excited That We Have Come so Far in such a short amount of time. Looking back on when we started out here…..we have come a long way. We are so happy & proud that we have managed to live up to our client’s expectations and in so many cases have even surpassed them. We Look Forward to What Creative New Innovations We Will Make for the Future. It took Honor, Integrity, Sacrifice, Hard Work and lets not forget…..constantly improving. innovating and staying true to our philosophy & craft that has given us both the luxury & privilege to be an Exclusive Studio.  And Somehow we managed to make it look practically effortless. I suppose when you do something you believe in, you should always do it with grace, class and so much love that way in many ways it is effortless because it’s a gift you want to give. We are different from so many bodyrub places but that’s what makes us special & unique. It gives us joy & pride that we can do this job with just that, so much joy & pride. The people  who helped start this business and everyone else who came in along the way to help and our clients are just beautiful people who believed in what we were doing.
Majority of our Members have been with us from the beginning and frequently see us. That really means something to us. That means we must be doing something right. We love it when we hear how happy they are, how our improvements and exciting new packages and innovations Never Fail to Intrigue & Excite them. To us there is no better reward than knowing that our clients can come to the same place and yet feel like they are experiencing something new and exciting.
We have extensive training & Research Program in the bodyrub, erotic massage, sensual bodyrub, Nuru Massage & Fetish Arts. This is something we take seriously! Clients should have the complete experience. We take a holistic approach at improving the bodyrub, erotic massage, sensual bodyrub, Nuru & Fetish Arts. Our Module consists of Immaculate Cleanliness, Premium Authentic Products, Services, Talent, Skill, Comfort, Ambiance, Personalized Love & Care. We use real, verified Photos of girls who work here. We offer as much information about us, our girls and our establishment because we want our clients to come in feeling like they know us and feeling relieved when they get to know us that we’re even better than what we could’ve written or anything a photo or video could convey.
There is nothing like the feeling of gratitude and satisfaction when we have made the right match. The feeling of accomplishment is invaluable. When our Clients get that Super Natural High off of us….. We Feel it too! Happy & Natural Contact Highs Are the BEST! And we’re just as addicted to that feeling as they are. We are exclusive & selective of both clients & the girls who work here because the spiritual pay back and maintaining that level of integrity is indespensable to be completely honest. As long as we keep our word and keep our clients happy….. that’s like building our own personalized community amazing & beautiful people inside & out. And it’s a good one we are proud to be a part of!!
We worked hard to keep our establishment a Rare Hidden Gem. Sometime it’s not that easy but we remind our clients to be vague in reviews for our protection & privacy. Most our clients that come in are word of mouth. Our clients tend to keep it between ‘family & friends’. Somehow, we are just that little black book secret that men love to keep. We want to be that secret and there most prized igniting desire. The fascination and fixation is simply supernatural.
So, Go Ahead…. Google Us. Do your research on us. We’re not new. We are a real concrete establishment. We provide as much information, photos, videos, blogs… you name it, as possible so you can know us. We want you to make an educated decision and feel 100% comfortable, safe and secure. We keep everything Authentic and Real Because We Want You To Be Happy With Us on every level. People need that sometimes to truly feel comfortable. It can be uneasy going to a new place you know nothing about. And when people don’t offer to much information about them, their philosophy, what the girl looks like, what the place looks like… That is really leaving alot up in the air. But worst of all, leaving the client open to mishaps. Nothing is worse than having one thing in your head of what something is then coming in and finding out it is quite another. We want you know what we look like, what we’re about, what our sessions are like and what our place is like. So when you come in, you walk in with confidence and relief.  We offer so much of their heart, mind and soul because we care about our people & we care about quality. And our clients become Friends & Family.  Take advantage of our honesty and work that we do to make sure you are the best and happiest you can be in our presence. We want you to know us and we’re excited to get to know you!!

Nuru Massage by Sia Sky. What is Sia Sky like as a person?

Manhattan Nuru Exclusive Studio* Midtown Manhattan Nuru Massage Sanctuary, Erotic Massage* Exclusive NURU Studio, a Midtown West Private Sensual Bliss Hideaway* American MAXIM Model* Fit, Toned & Busty! CMT Quality BodyWork* Five STAR GLAMOROUS Model* Clean,PRIVATE, Discreet & Intimate Location* Manhattan’s Best Kept Secret* TRUE HIDDEN GEM!!

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About Sia : NY Nuru, Erotic Massage, Manhattan BodyRub & Nuru Exclusive Studio*

  Sia is an incredibly sweet, fun and bubbly down to earth girl. Although she is a professional model and aspiring actress she is in her personal life very modest about it. If you ever met her in her everyday life she has such an innocent look about her you would never guess she is a bodyrub girl. She carries an air of confidence with her in her sessions but unlike most models/actresses/bodyrub girls she is not jaded. She just really doesn’t have that sense of entitlement that most girls I have seen in the industry. And that’s what I feel really sets her apart. She has the ability to be so sexy and playful without it ever coming across as “forced” or too scandelous where it can be considered “trashy”. It is a very natural sensuality, class and charm that is a really rare and beautiful. She is a romantic at heart and does everything with personal touch, love and care.
Sia was born in Paris, France. Her family moved here when she was just a baby. She has lived all over the NorthEast of the States. So, she is a great blend of both city girl and suburban country girl. She enjoys the city with all its glitz and glamour but she is the type of girl that loves the outdoors, hiking, traveling and sports. I love it that this girl can go from being a hot, sweaty mess hiking up mountains and later that night I will see her dressed to the nine’s, polished like the day’s workout didn’t even happen. She is so completely multi dimensional. Ultimately, she is just very happy go lucky and radiates positive energy. She loves to laugh, have fun and it comes from a genuine place.
Looking for a Sweet, Caring and GORGEOUS Model to give you a CMT quality BodyRub or Authentic TOP Quality Nuru Experience?
You have come to the right place. There is NO longer a need to sacrifice one thing or another… You can have both a Stunningly Beautiful young American Bombshell with a charming and friendly personality and a REAL CMT Quality BodyRub. EVERYTHING we use for our NURU sessions is TOP QUALITY and Authentic Nuru right down to the high gloss Nuru PU Sheets.
Sia is a Stunning All American Caucasian Gentleman’s Magazine & Video Vixen. She is 1st Generation, her Family comes from a very warm, accommodating and friendly high society well mannered and respected European family. She is of French, Italian & Greek Descent. She is well traveled, wordly wise, well educated and has a great work ethic you usually don’t find in girls her age in the states.Sia offers an authentic and genuine experience that has all of her clients feeling as if they have known each other forever. She is warm, sweet and friendly. She offers NO RUSH sessions, she really likes to take her time getting to know you and your body (working out all those knots, kinks and stress can be hard work but she doesn’t mind as long as she knows you will feel so much better afterwards) . She has an old world sense of hospitality and class that is such a rarity and she gives love, class and respect so freely like a gift. And yet she is such a  free spirited, bubbly and a fun-loving soul. It is a truly is a wonderful combination.
We know there is a different side of this business that is run of the mill, get ‘em in and get ‘em out. We are NOT one of them!! She is not for everybody, we understand that she caters to a very specific group of gentlemen with a taste of life’s true pleasure. Men who value comfort, cleanliness, privacy and discretion who are looking for a very relaxing, personal touch to CMT Quality bodywork in a romantic and sensual setting love it here. She offers Quality that is always worth the peace of mind. A sense and air of mutual respect, Love and a VERY personal & caring touch for Upscale and Elite Gentlemen Only. We are an Exclusive BodyRub & Nuru Studio for Men who are sweet, respectful and kind looking for a place with genuine warmth, comfort and kindness.
Midtown Manhattan BodyRub. NY Erotic Massage. Mahattan Sensual BodyRub. Midtown NURU Studio. Adult Entertainment Incall. Sia Sky is a unique a playful talent.. Manhattan’s TRULY and Divinely Last & Best Kept secret*

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What is Nuru?

What is Nuru?

BodyRub,Erotic Massage,Sensual BodyRub, Nuru Massage* Midtown Manhattan BodyRub & Nuru Exclusive Studio For Elite Gentlemen Only* Midtown Sensual Bliss Candlelit Hideaway* American MAXIM Model* Fit, Toned & Busty! CMT Quality BodyWork* Five STAR GLAMOROUS Model* Immaculately Clean,Discreet & Intimate Location* Manhattan’s Best Little Black Book Secret* A TRUE HIDDEN GEM!! A Completely Private Sanctuary For The Human Spirit*


When it Comes From the Heart, it Just Feels Right. The Natural Luxury of a Super Natural High that Heals The Body & Soul!

What is Nuru Massage Gel? 

Nuru is a Massage Gel Synthesized from Seaweed. The Word Nuru is Japanese and means "slippery. It is a super slippery all natural, odorless and tasteless gel. It is said to be equal to that of a seaweed wrap in terms of mineral benefits to the skin.It hydrates, moisturizes and revives skin in a very magical way. Nuru Gel contains the powerful moisturizing Nori Seaweed. Some also contain aloe vera, chamomile, and grapefruit extracts. It is a transparent, tasteless and deliciously slippery nuru gel. This amazing moisturizing gel makes your body look and feel shiny and sleek, while it leaves your skin harmoniously hydrated. But that's just the added benefits to Nuru Clients. It makes for the BEST BodySlide Possible. Oils used for bodyslides no matter how organic and wonderful they are just can't provide the same fun and slippery glide Nuru Gel does. In California they coined it 'body surfing'.
What is a Nuru Massage?

Its really a fun slip and slide of sorts. It's personally our most requested package offered at our establishment. We use real high gloss NURU Sheets and Authentic Premium NURU gel. We use Nuru Platnium, it is by far the best Nuru Gel on the Market right now. In essence its for clients who enjoy bodyslide and the fun playful side of things. When you have the Right Nuru Specialist it has multiple beneficial effects. Nuru should imitate the calming rhythmic movements of the ocean and sensual as that of a sex kitten rubbing and gliding her body all over yours in an erotic motion. If she is very skilled it can become an acrobatic talent of sorts.

It's Pure Entertainment Meets Playful Adult Slip and Slide Meets Skin & BodyWork Therapy. Whether the girl offers Full service is usually indicated in her ad or website.If she is No Full Service she willl most likely say so to not have an unwanted miscommunication. Nuru is an expensive Gel and the Nuru Sheets are even more expensive so pricing would naturally be based upon the products they are using. Depending on the girl, talent, skill, the products used, etc determines the donation required. It doesn't always equate to 'it's this price so Full Service must be included'.

Nuru Guru is an Amazing Site that shares videos, tutorials on how the product works as well as FAQ's. I guess it's maybe not for everybody and it depends on what it is you are looking for when it comes to your bodyrub endeavors... however, I never met a person that wasn't absolutely infatuated with our Nuru Massage.